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Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to Prepare Yourself Mentally for College

There you are, an incoming freshman and a neophyte in college. You still do not have any idea of what college would be like. Relax, there are thousands like you all over the city, who will be setting foot for the first time in a college classroom.

How could you prepare yourself for college?

The following are pointers on how to meet the challenges that your first days in college would offer:


Psyche yourself positively

This should be done several days before the opening of classes.

Every morning, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself positive things:

"I will have a pleasant experience in college."

"I will make good friends in college."

"My first day will be a pleasant one."

"My professors will like me."

This is to create in you an innate positive outlook of college life. Think yourself as a winner. Good things could only happen to those who expect them and who would act to make that good perception happen.

By psyching yourself to be positive, you would be attracting positive vibes as well. As the cliché' goes, "Everybody loves a winner."


During the first day in class, impress your instructor.

"First impressions last," may not always be true, but almost always, instructors would remember the first students who had answered their question correctly.

This means that you should do your research work. Read about the subject matter before attending your class. Don't hesitate to use the library or to purchase books so you could start reading.

The first lesson usually deals with the definition and scope of the subject/course. It would not harm you if you proceed to read more than the definition. Your apparent interest will create an indelible good image in the mind of your instructor.


Be amiable and approachable

Almost all of you, freshman students, would be nervous and tense. Smile and try to engage your seatmate in a friendly conversation. (Never do this, while the lecture is on-going.)